Automated Processing Solution For Brake System Brackets

This solution employs a 6-DOF industrial robot together with auxiliary facilities such as an upside-down rail, a blank conveyor line, a finished product conveyor line and a robot gripper system to complete the automatic loading and unloading of six vertical processing units.

Product Features

  • 01.Highly automated : One manual blank loading operation can realize 2 hours of unmanned production.
  • 02.High space utilization rate : The upside-down robot moving rail reduces the space occupation of the equipment and brings convenience in equipment repair and replacement and commissioning of clamps.
  • 03.Reduction in labor costs ; After automated production, one operator can control 3-4 production lines.
  • 04.High product compatibility : Modular design for workpiece positioning, and conveyor line positioning and the holding system helps the customer remold products.
  • 05.High equipment utilization rate : Smart control is used to automatically judge the ending sequence of the processing.
    Procedures of each piece of equipment, optimize the loading sequence according to the procedure ending sequence to improve the utilizati on rate of the machine tools.