Polishing and grinding solution for water taps

This solution employs three RH60 industrial robots, a sand belt type polishing machine, special holding jaws and product conveyor lines to realize automated grinding and polishing of water taps. Applicable to highly polluted and dusty environments, and capable of reducing on 7 operators.

Product Features

  • 01.Realize quick replacement of the production line,and reduce manual correcting stations. The traditional robot grinding and polishing path plan employs the manual correcting station design,which cost about 2-3 weeks of time, and thereby consuming a long periods during the replacement of new parts. After an automated robot processing solution is adopted, CPS (Cyber-Physical System) and off-line programming software will be used to simulate path planning in a computer to generate a grinding path, thus shortening the correction time. The grinding path can be finished in about one week, thus saving time and ensuring quick line replacement.
  • 02.Ensure product consistency. Early water taps that are ground and finished manually were unstable in quality because of labor shortage generation-to-generation grinding experience inheritance as well as diversities of working skills. After automated processing is adopted, the robot executes the job strictly according to the pre-planned path, thus ensuring high repeatable positioning accuracy and quality consistency, improving the product yield.
  • 03.The computer software is used to simulate the grinding path, avoiding interference and collision problems.