Automated processing solution for warm forging of CV Joint

This solution employs four 6-joint 20kg industrial robots, feeding accurate positioning mechanisms, forging machine hydraulic press cooling and lubricat systems, discharg chutes and special pneumatic gripper, matched with three hydraulic forging machines and annealing devices, to complete the automated warming forging of CV Joint.

Product Features

  • 01.Highly automated: The whole line saves on labor and completes the work in one time from blanks to finished products.
  • 02.Stable product quality and high yield: The robots work 24hours, continuously and processing products strictly according to procedures, have a low error rate and achieve high product consistency.
  • 03.Lower enterprise cost and can solve difficulties in recruitment: The working environment of the forging industry is very severe, causing difficulties in recruitment. But the robots perfectly resolve this issue and directly reduce enterprise cost.