Deburring solution for transmission cases

This solution employs two 6-DOF industrial robots, loading and unloading conveyor equipment, pallet changer, special gripper and deburring units to remove burrs of the transmission cases. In the early stage, burrs were removed in a severe environment, and tools needed to be replaced continuously. Omission, excessive deburring or unfinished deburring occured frequently. The product quality was unstable, long labor times were required, repeated work needed and a high error rate occured. After adopting automated robot processing, the consistent product appearance can be ensured and no product will be omitted as long as the grinding path is planned, thus greatly improving the product quality. Moreover, with the automatic loading and unloading equipment, only one operator is needed to load and unload materials on the periphery.

Product Features

  • 01.The robots matched with the deburring units ensure consistency in product appearance, greatly enhancing product quality.
  • 02.The robots replace operators to do the monotonous and repeatitive work under the severe work environment.
  • 03.Reduction in labor cost: Only one employee is needed to load and unload materials and perform on-line quality control.