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Reducing Sleeves


  • Tool holders with morse
  • Taper according to DIN 228


D1 L MT Code No. Order No.
25 50 MT1 A25MT1-000 E25-MT1
50 MT2 A25MT2-000 E25-MT2
32 60 MT1 A32MT1-000 E32-MT1
60 MT2 A32MT2-000 E32-MT2
60 MT3 A32MT3-000 E32-MT3
40 70 MT1 A40MT1-000 E40-MT1
70 MT2 A40MT2-000 E40-MT2
70 MT3 A40MT3-000 E40-MT3
70 MT4 A40MT4-000 E40-MT4
50 76 MT2 A50MT2-000 E50-MT2
97 MT3 A50MT3-000 E50-MT3
107 MT4 A50MT4-000 E50-MT4
125 MT5 A50MT5-000 E50-MT5
60 76 MT2 A60MT2-000 E60-MT2
97 MT3 A60MT3-000 E60-MT3
107 MT4 A60MT4-000 E60-MT4
125 MT5 A60MT5-000 E60-MT5
D1 L MT Code No. Order No.
1" 50mm MT1 AF1MT1-000 E1"-MT1
50mm MT2 AF1MT2-000 E1"-MT2
1-1/4" 60mm MT1 AG1MT1-000 E1-1/4"-MT1
60mm MT2 AG1MT2-000 E1-1/4"-MT2
60mm MT3 AG1MT3-000 E1-1/4"-MT3
1-1/2" 70mm MT1 AH1MT1-000 E1-1/2"-MT1
70mm MT2 AH1MT2-000 E1-1/2"-MT2
70mm MT3 AH1MT3-000 E1-1/2"-MT3
70mm MT4 AH1MT4-000 E1-1/2"-MT4
2" 76mm MT2 AI1MT2-000 E2"-MT2
97mm MT3 AI1MT3-000 E2"-MT3
107mm MT4 AI1MT4-000 E2"-MT4
125mm MT5 AI1MT5-000 E2"-MT5
3" 76mm MT2 A76MT2-000 E3"-MT2
97mm MT3 A76MT3-000 E3"-MT3
107mm MT4 A76MT4-000 E3"-MT4
125mm MT5 A76MT5-000 E3"-MT5